Groundfunding Oyj.

Located in Turku, Groundfunding Oyj is the first Finnish crowdfunding service that connects investors, interested in property business, with building constructors, looking for domestic funding.

Investors get a competitive interest rate and after the construction project is done the capital is returned to them. One key advantage of a digital platform is the fact that all investments are done without management or transaction costs. The service benefits especially small and medium size constructors. By optimizing their funding structure they can release their capital to be used in several parallel or overlapping projects. This allows them to increase the amount of construction projects they do.

How was the idea of a property investment crowdfunding platform born?

Company founders sensed a business opportunity when Finnish banks started to tighten their funding policies. It was clear that this had started to impact the growth of otherwise healthy construction- and property companies. Workshops were started to try and solve this issue through agile business development- and service design approach. Experts with, for example, construction business and property investment backgrounds joined the workshops. Klopal’s role was to bring software expertise to the discussions.

Said workshops laid the groundwork for Groundfunding Oyj. Klopal has since developed high quality digital platform around the company’s innovative service solution. The platform allows secure transfer of funds between investors and the company. Because we are talking about a Fintech service that is being supervised by the Finnish financial monitoring authority, it goes without saying that the service has exremely high quality requirements. Klopal’s solution’s have been a great fit to these needs.

"Klopal's role has been significant from the very beginning - they have done all the development work for the software. After the service was released, Klopal has continued the development of Groundfunding. During the after release development process a lot of new features have been added to the service. Our collaboration has worked without issues and we have been very happy with Klopal's input."

Henrik Arén, CEO, Groundfunding Oyj

What Groundfunding?

Groundfunding Oyj is a crowdfunding platform for investors wanting to invest in property business. It connects construction companies looking for funding, with investors looking for investment targets. Thanks to the service, investors have a chance for a good return to their investment, while constructors can get the extra funding they need, to get their profitable construction project going. Klopal has been responsible for the development of the company’s financial technology (Fintech) platform.