Mangrove Oy is a construction company that concentrates on building modern but affordable homes. Mangrove has increased its role in southern Finland’s construction business significantly over the last few years. One of the company’s core strengths is its strong utilization of digital technology. This is clearly visible both in Mangrove’s marketing and daily work at the construction sites, and it allows the company to stand out in its relatively conservative business area.

Klopal has been supporting Mangrove’s strong growth for years. We have f.ex. codeveloped a mobile app and other construction business applications.

Our project is aiming to help make construction processes smoother while minimizing quality issues.

Klopal’s and Mangrove’s latest collaboration project is aiming to make new buildings construction processes smoother while minimizing quality issues. At the same time, we are ensuring that Mangrove homes stand out from the competition with their very high overall quality.

In practice, we could describe our project as developing a specific kind of a quality system for building construction. The mobile application is steering quality supervision processes at construction sites and it’s used to document identified quality issues. This enables Mangrove to follow up on the repairs and to verify that they have been executed in an acceptable manner.

Mangrove wants to be at the forefront when developing new technologies to the construction business. We could not think of a better partner than Klopal when digitalizing it. Klopal's kickstart enables developing new concepts astonishingly rapidly.

Antti Lundstedt, CEO Mangrove Oy

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the rapid development pace has been ensured by utilizing Klopal’s Kickstart-service. Kickstart has been created from the learnings of dozens of software development projects, and it enables building new concept products as fast as in a few weeks.

What Mangrove?

Mangrove is a financially sound house construction company that was established in 1994. Company has at least doubled its net revenue on each of the last five fiscal years. Mangrove’s core competencies include unique, functional and modern architectures. The company is looking to differentiate in the construction business especially with its high quality and advanced digital solutions.